Weekend of Heroes 2003 -- American Pride!

Wow, what a show! Weekend of Heroes 2003, held June 20-22 at the Ontario Convention Center, had to be THE 1:6 scale convention of the year. We here at Dragon Models USA, as well as the CEO and staff of Dragon Models Hong Kong, had a wonderful time meeting and talking with all the attendees and special guests. If you didn't make it this year, here are some of the highlights you missed:

Friday, June 20:

- Set-up and early admission for conventioneers, including the release of the AWH-exclusive "Brothers in Arms" figure twin-pack by Dragon Models.

- Dinner featuring special guest Mr. Walt Ehlers, WWII veteran and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

- 1:1 scale displays of WWII vehicles & equipment, including US and German halftracks, a German fighter plane, and full-scale replica Lunar Rover.

- Chats with real Navy SEALs & the California Highway Patrol.

- An early sneak peek of figures and products from DML.

- Advance release of the special AWH Cyber-Hobby.com exclusive "Iron Eagle" Major Galland figure.

Saturday, June 21:

- General admission, with giveaways and prizes every fifteen minutes -- including special engraved show-only "Weekend of Heroes" 1:6 scale pistol.


- Presentation and autograph session with military artist Ron Volstad.

- Products Seminar and Q&A with DML, followed by a meet & greet with DML CEO Mr. Freddie Leung.

- An appearance and chat with legendary Vietnam Green Beret/SOG Sgt. Mizuho Mishima Bobroskie.

- Release of special AWH-exclusive "Airborne Rivals" figure twin-pack, featuring 1:6 scale 101st Airborne Medic Ed Pepping in Normandy versus German FJR6 Officer "Friedrich-August".

- An evening barbecue in the hangar at Chino Airport, featuring live music and a speech by the REAL Mr. Ed Pepping.

- An AMAZING battle reenactment from WWII, featuring US paratroopers, German artillery and vehicles ... and a real Sherman M4 tank (and boy, that was gun LOUD!)

- Parachute drop of a dozen DML Paratrooper JEB figures from a real B-25 bomber, followed by charity auction -- which raised over $1000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


- Great deals at the vendor tables!

- An afternoon visit with special guest Apollo astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin, who greeted fans and signed autographs.

- Informal autograph sessions with Walt Ehlers, plus Ed Pepping and Ron Volstad at the DML booth.

- Figure & Diorama contests!

Can you believe all that in only three days? Neither can we -- but it all happened, and everyone had a great time. Be sure to mark your calendar for next year ... 2004 is just around the corner!