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1/35 M1A1 AIM - All New Tooling w/Bonus Parts
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EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195835352
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 4/27/2006
ARRIVED ON: 8/31/2006
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Barcode: 0 89195 83535 2
Packaging: 20 pieces per master carton
Box Size: 9.6"x15"x3.5"

1/35 M1A1 AIM - All New Tooling

This ALL NEW kit features the M1A1 with Abrams Integrated Management (AIM).

All parts have been meticulously researched to ensure accuracy. In addition, we have used a team of consultants to provide insight from both the technical and modeller's perspective.

With extensive slide-molding and inclusion of numerous multimedia parts.......
"This kit will undoubtedly be the best M1A1 kit produced by any manufacturer to date".

For enlarged photos of all of these special features, please go to:

Main Features:

- Most accurately shaped cupola on the market
- MG and ammo cradles made from separate parts for maximum detail
- Cupola with interior details
- Two types of turret roof ammo compartment panels
- Two types of wind sensors
- Wind sensor can be modeled in active or stowed position
- Newly tooled oil pan
- Realistically modeled turret body with accurate details top and bottom
- One piece slide molded bustle rack rails
- Photo-etched mesh floor for bustle rack
- Photo-etched Bustle Rack Extension
- Accurately depicted catch for holding hatch in open position
- Delicately modeled periscope on loader's hatch can rotate and includes a working cover
- Correctly modeled turret cable conduits
- First M1 kit ever to include accurate detail on the underside of the turret rack APU
- Accurat BFT system antenna
- Slide molded smoke discharger is realistically designed to point in six directions
- Smoke discharger storage box holds extra grenades and can open/close
- Two types of smoke grenades
- Realistic smoke discharger bracket
- Stowage boxes on both sides can be opened/closed
- GPS-LOS device with correctly patterned transparent parts to reveal electronics inside
- Cover for GPS-LOS device can be positioned open/ closed at an accurate angle

Gun & MG:
- Fully workable gun mount bracket is made from pre-formed metal parts
- Muzzle and turret sight are slide-molded
- Metal gun barrel w/ recoil action
- Barrel is made from fine multiple parts for greater detail
- Accurately modeled bolt details on underside of gun barrel
- Hinged protective cover for mantlet
- Gunbreech can be elevated to firing position
- Newly designed ammo belts for both M2 and M240 MGs
- MG feed cover can be opened to reveal interior slide molded details
- Photo-etched ammo bracket allows MG to be modeled without ammo box
- Separate ammo boxes with removable lid for MGs
- Two types of ammo cases

Upper Hull Armor Deck:
- Two types of driver's hatches available
- Driver's hatch can be assembled open/closed; with interior details
- Engine deck accurately designed for sequenced assembly, just like the real thing
- Photo-etched parts for engine deck grills
- Fuel caps can be assembled open/closed with fuel filler details
- Slide-molded emergency pull handle
- Photo-etched air intake grills are elevated for authentic look
- Slide-molded exhaust and air intake panels
- Exhaust and air intake grills are modeled as separate parts
- Newly designed exhaust deflector
- Taillight wiring assembly accurately modeled
- Two types of tow hooks
- Accurately designed NBC panels with superb details
- Accurately modeled heater air intake plug
- Headlight lenses have patterning on inside surface like the real thing
- Metal cables for front fender springs

- One-piece bottom hull uses a three-direction slide mold for ultimate detail
- New road wheels with accurate details on both sides
- Transparent oil gauge on wheels accurately modeled
- New suspension arms are the most accurate to date
- Newly designed sprocket with accurate details, complete with mud scraper
- New toothed suspension arm connections enable smaller increments when positioning wheels on uneven terrain
- Track tensioning rod is workable for accurate positioning of first suspension arms
- Newly designed suspension assembly
- Side skirt armor panels are scale thickness
- Movable side skirts work like the real thing
- Slide-molded skirt lifting hook with optional photo-etched part
- Workable tow bar assembly recreated in superb detail
- Tow bar assembly can be modeled in towing or stowed modes
- Accurately modeled rear tow ring
- Two types of hull air intakes with corresponding photo-etched grills
- Exhaust deflector can be made from photo-etched parts

BONUS parts:
- Photo-etched jerry can rack
- Photo-etched hinge cover plates for loader’s hatch
- Photo-etched cable mounts
- Optional cable heads w/o mounts
- Bonus slide-molded track connectors
- Bonus spare rubber pads for treads have detailed texture
- Bonus spare road wheel
- Photo-etched details for front fender hinges
- Optional replacement plate for mud scraper
- Optional round sprocket plate
- Photo-etched chains for fuel caps
- Bonus jerry cans (2 types)
- New Cartograf Decals

For enlarged photos of all of these special features, please go to: