DRA5577 - 1/48 FOCKE-WULF Ta152H-1
DRA7148 - 1/700 U.S.S. Lyndon B. Johnson (DDG-1002)
DRA7003 - 1/700 YUSHIO vs DELTA III
DRA7416 - 1/72 M3A2 ODS Bradley w/ERA
DRA7626 - 1/72 Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn w/NEO Track
DRA7627 - 1/72 Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel Early Production w/Neo Track
DRA7629 - 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Final Production
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Dragon Models
An award-winning line of high quality plastic model kits that include tanks, cars, aircraft, figures, and warships in popular scales.
1/35 15cm s.IG.33(Sf) auf Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B ~ Smart Kit
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EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195862594
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 9/21/2015
ARRIVED ON: 1/27/2009
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Re-Issue in December 2018

Barcode: 0 89195 86259 4
Case Pack: 20
Box Size: 9.6" x 15" x 2.4"
Carton Size: 0.131 cbm


Fighting Compartment:
- Ultra-slim injection-molded fighting-compartment armor plates
- Fighting compartment armor plates made by 4-directional slide molds
- Nut and bolt detail on armor plates realistically rendered
- Two types of fighting-compartment armor plates had different angle as option
- Side armor plates can be assembled in different angles
- Periscope armor plate can be positioned open/closed
- New photo-etched spare-road wheels brackets on frontal armor plate included as option
- Protective wicker cases for rounds placed on side fender

- Aluminium gun barrel w/rifling is finely reproduced
- Gun recoils like the real one
- Gun carriage molded w/authentic details
- Scale-thickness gun shield rendered w/delicate detail on both sides
- Realistic elevation mechanism allows gun to elevate
- Reproduced muzzle cover w/photo-etched belt
- Detailed hydraulic system for gun elevation system
- Periscope can be assembled in different styles
- Periscope made from clear plastic
- Realistic reproduced steel wheels
- Highly detailed brake and axle assembly finely represented
- Recoil system rendered w/bolt detail
- Axle reproduced in fine detail
- OVM specific to s.IG.33 are included
- Bonus ammunition included

Engine Deck:
- Highly detailed reinforcement elements for gun trails fixed on engine deck
- Multi-piece upper hull and engine deck for authentic detail
- Engine deck hatches can be modeled open/closed
- Detailed hollowed exhaust pipe w/photo-etched exhaust cover
- Side fenders w/detailed tread pattern
- Driver’s compartment interior details such as instrument panel and transmission battery and driver’s seat included

Lower hull / Wheels / Tracks:
- Lower hull formed from multiple parts for greater detail
- Realistically reproduced road wheels w/photo-etched rings
- Detailed suspension w/finely detailed coil spring
- Idler wheels accurately reproduced
- External suspension structure for Pz.Kpfw.I has sharp detail
- DS Tracks

The Panzer I formed the nucleus of Germany’s embryonic tank formations, but its light armor and light armament meant it was outdated by the start of WWII. Despite being made redundant as a gun tank, the chassis of the Panzer I was utilized in a number of alternative roles, including that of a self-propelled howitzer. It was recognized early on that mobile artillery could provide invaluable fire support to tank units, so the mounting of a 150mm s.IG.33 infantry gun resulted in a vehicle known as an s.IG.33 (Sf) auf Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B. The gun was mounted in a tall, boxy superstructure, though the chassis of the Panzer I was overstressed by the extra weight. The armored shield was only 10mm thick and could only offer front and side protection, plus there was no space for spare ammunition to be carried. Ultimately, this ungainly and top-heavy artillery piece wasn’t a great success and only 38 were converted in February 1940 by Alkett. These guns served in the Battle of France and beyond, though as the war progressed, the 150mm s.IG.33 gun would be mounted on alternative chassis too.

Germany’s first self-propelled howitzer has been recreated in miniature in Dragon’s newest plastic kit. The 1/35 scale kit is based on Dragon’s popular Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B, but this latest model has a brand new gun shield and new s.IG.33 howitzer. The boxy superstructure is injection molded in order to achieve a true-to-scale thickness, and two different sets of side armor plates are offered for real versatility. As per the real vehicle, the s.IG.33 gun is still fitted with its wheels and is mounted on the Panzer I chassis, while the gun carriage is finely reproduced with full detail. The combination of an enormous gun shield and a diminutive chassis combines to create a unique-looking German subject. This kit is ready to lend immediate fire support to a modeler’s next project!