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Dragon Models USA, Inc.
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Dragon Models
An award-winning line of high quality plastic model kits that include tanks, cars, aircraft, figures, and warships in popular scales.
1/35 Sd. Kfz.138 Panzerjäger 38 Marder III H, Fgst.38t Ausf.E ~ Smart Kit
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EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195864208
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 9/14/2015
ARRIVED ON: 10/21/2009
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Re-Issue in December 2015

Barcode: 0 89195 86420 8
Case Pack: 20 Pieces Per Master Carton
Box Size: 9.8" x 15" x 2.8"

- Newly tooled DS canvas cover for fighting compartment w/realistic detail
- Perforated lateral sheets for rear basket made by slide molds
- Rear basket frame is finely reproduced
- Grill made from preformedmetal part
- Handrail is accurately reporduced
- Fighting compartment w/full interior detail
- Gun shield and recoil guard for PaK40/3 gun that traverses and elevates
- Gun shield for Pak40/3 gun
- Workable breech
- Gun sight cover plate can be positioned open or closed
- Armored antenna socked carefully reproduced
- Roof of fighting compartment w/bolt details
- Movable rear Gun lock
- Engine deck Newly-tooled
- Side opening access doors w/details
- Access doors can be assembled as open or closed
- Side armor shields w/overhang details are reproduced by slide molds
- Storage rack made from photo-etched parts
- Movable hull MG w/hollow muzzle
- Vision blocks made from clear parts
- Frontal armor w/interior details
- Lower gun carriage mount for Pak4/3 newly tooled
- Gun lock is finely reproduced w/crisp details
- Fine bolt detail included around exhaust Grill
- Exhaust Grill reworked w/great detail
- Side fenders can be realistically modeled bent like on the real vehicle
- Tail light rack is finely reproduced
- Box for flares included
- Shell racks are finely made
- Option of showing ammunition round in rack
- Firewall w/crisp details
- Transmission system is finely detailed included driver controls
- Inspection hatch can be assembled open/closed
- Muffler and exhaust pipe w/crisp details
- Drive housing is represented in Fine detail
- Bolted front armor plate and glacis are finely reproduced
- Bonus Perforated Storage Box made by photo-etched parts
- Perforated Storage Box is well produced by separaed parts
- Ventilation fan recreated in detail
- Engine exhibits delicate details w/separate parts
- Engine compartment w/full detail
- Muzzle brakes are reproduced from slide mold
- Bonus aluminum Gun barrel
- One-piece Gun barrel from slide mold
- Road wheel and suspension w/crisp details
- Two types of plastic ammunition, shell casing, ammo tubes (open+close) and metal ammo cases w/markings decal
- Magic Track w/casting number detail etched on every Track link

The Marder (German for “marten”) saw service as a series of makeshift tank destroyer designs produced by Germany during WWII. Antitank cannons were fitted on various chassis, with the Marder III being based on the Czech 38(t). The Marder III Ausf.H (Sd.Kfz.138) mounted a 7.5cm PaK 40 cannon on a rear-engine Panzer 38(t) chassis, with stowage of 38 rounds for the main armament. A fighting compartment was positioned in the center of the tank destroyer. Because it was mid-mounted, this compartment had a lower profile, though there was still only room for two men to stand. Armored shields protected the gun crew to the front and sides only. A total of 418 vehicles were produced up till April 1943.

Dragon is offering a fine 1/35 scale plastic kit of the Marder III Ausf.H. As a Smart Kit, it has been carefully engineered to build into an accurate model that is easy to assemble for modelers of all skill levels. The engine deck is an all-new molding, and a movable gun travel lock is affixed to it. What’s special about the engine deck is that two side-opening hatches can be displayed open or closed to reveal the engine compartment.

For inclement weather, Dragon has incorporated a newly tooled canvas cover for the fighting compartment. This is made of DS and possesses a realistic texture. This authentic-looking item gives an option for modelers to show their Marder III H in a dramatic winter setting. The realistic basket frame at the rear is also newly designed, with the complex cage shape made from a preformed metal component or modeler can assemble it with the original plastic as another option. The fender-mounted storage box is also made from photo-etched metal. The gun barrel is available as a slide-molded plastic part, or a bonus aluminum version can be used instead. This Marder III H comes with an array of extras such as ammunition (both spent cases and full rounds), as well as open and closed ammo tubes. This kit has been well thought through, and will allow modelers to create an extremely realistic kit of this special tank destroyer that fought effectively on a variety of fronts.