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1/35 M4 Sherman "Composite Hull" PTO
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EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195864413
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 3/18/2009
ARRIVED ON: 4/20/2009
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Barcode: 0 89195 86441 3
Case Pack: 20 Pieces Per Master Carton
Box Size: 9.6" x 15" x 3.1"

Completely accurately composite hull with cast texture is newly tooled
- Newly designed angle of rear hull based on actual Army schematics
- Newly molded front hull with accurate shape
- Newly molded driver's and radio operator's hatches w/interior detail can be assembled open/closed
- Newly tooled one-piece DS T-48 tracks
- Newly tooled one-piece transmission cover with cast texture
- Bolt detail on transmission cover realistically rendered
- Newly molded welding seams like the real one

- Slide-molded gun barrel
- Two options of turret was designed base on actual Army schematics
- Separtate pistol port hatch that can be assembled open or close
- The Bolt connecting plate for the gun shield attachment looks completely integral after assembly
- Rotor shield newly designed according to Army schematics
- Accurate gun shield with fine bolt details
- Cupola is molded in detail
- Commander's hatch with periscope assembly
- Loader's hatch and cover of periscopes can be assembled open/close
- Gun travel lock can be modeled in travel or combat modes
- Hull side plates are accurately reproduced, with a correct horizontal upper edge
- Fuel caps with interior detail can be modeled open or close
- Siren molded in detail
- Finely rendered headlight and horn guards
- Sprocket molded in detail
- On-vehicle tools delicately recreated
- Layout accurately reproduced on-vehicle tools

In the minds of many, tanks played a lesser role in the Pacific theater than it did in Europe during WWII. However, tanks in fact played a decisive role throughout the bloody battles of the Pacific, and the most important for the Allies was the M4 Sherman. Previously, Dragon has released a 1/35 scale plastic kit of an M4A2 fighting on Tarawa, and this is now reinforced by an M4 also serving in the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO). A total of 6748 M4 Shermans featuring a welded hull and Continental R-975 gasoline engine were produced.

This Sherman kit offers many advanced features and completely new toolings. One instance is the brand new one-piece T48 tracks produced in DS for ease of assembly. Another example is the totally new upper hull, which has received an accurate and realistic casting texture. Even elements as small as on-vehicle tools or the antenna base have all been carefully crafted to ensure maximum accuracy.

This kit is the culmination of intensive research and modelers are provided with all necessary parts and options to represent an M4 Sherman taking part in operations against the Japanese. Without a doubt, this new Sherman kit easily keeps abreast, and even furthers, the high level of quality achieved in recent 1/35 scale Sherman releases from Dragon.