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1/700 U.S.S. Antietam CV-36
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EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195870643
SCALE: 1:700
ANNOUNCED ON: 7/9/2007
ARRIVED ON: 10/18/2007
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Barcode: 0 89195 87064 3
Packaging: 20 Pieces per carton
Box Size: 6.5"x18.7"x2.6"

-1:700 photo-etched deck crew included
-Different types of radar provided
-Newly tooled fight deck with correct shape for USS Antietam CV-36
-Newly designed CV-36 superstructure
-Contains parts so all hull side doors can be modeled in open, half-open or closed position
-Hangar deck with interior details
-Onboard aircraft F-4U, F-9F-8, F-9F-2, F-2H, AD6 and Dragonfly in clear plastic are included
-Deck-edge elevator can be positioned up or down
-Plastic and photo-etched options available for safety net
-Flight deck elevators can be posed raised or lowered
-Highly detailed anti-aircraft guns
-Option of either a waterline or full-hull version with presentation stand
-Finely detailed one-piece superstructure
-Slide-molded 5-inch twin gun turrets
-Cartograf decals offer accurate marking schemes

About The USS Antietam,
USS Antietam (CV-36) was an Essex class aircraft carrier commissioned in the closing months of WWII on January 28 1945, too late to see any combat. (Incidentally, the name “Antietam” commemorates a famous battle of the American Civil War, the bloodiest single-day battle in American history, where 23,000 casualties were incurred). The USS Antietam was stationed in the Far East for three years until 1949, its air wing providing support for Allied occupation forces in China, Manchuria and Korea. When the Korean War broke out in 1950, USS Antietam was reactivated, thus participating in the only operational deployment of her career. The carrier was stationed off the coast of Korea, its aircraft supporting UN forces with a variety of missions against North Korean targets.

Dragon has produced a 1/700 scale version of this carrier. It has received a brand new angled deck, which differentiates it from previous Essex class carriers in the Dragon range. The model ship comes with both a full hull and waterline hull for greater modeling choice. This outstanding kit also sports a new superstructure. Complementing the plastic parts is a series of photo-etched components offering even superior detail. The carrier includes a complete set of scale aircraft and helicopters (e.g. F-4U, F-9F-8, AD6, Dragonfly) produced in clear plastic. This is another hot addition to the U.S. Navy’s carrier fleet, and at 1/700 scale, it’s a lot more compact than the original!