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Dragon Models
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1/72 Brummbar Mid Production
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EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195872425
SCALE: 1:72
ANNOUNCED ON: 6/3/2010
ARRIVED ON: 8/27/2010
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Barcode: 0 89195 87242 5
Case Pack: 36 Pieces per case
Box Size: 7.5" x 11.4" x 1.8"

Besides DS track link, wheels and suspensions, all other parts are completely new tooling!!!

- Air filter newly tooled for this vehicle
- New tooling for side toolbox

- New fenders w/tread pattern on both sides
- New lower hull made by 2-directional slide molds; bolts and rivets delicately represented on hull bottom
- New spare-wheel rack installed on rear of vehicle
- Glacis plate is newly designed

- Side-skirt armor brackets realistically detailed
- Side-skirt armor plates can be installed separately
- One-piece fighting compartment w/pistol ports made by 3-directional slide moulds
- Assembly options provided for fighting compartment hatches
- Fighting compartment roof rendered w/delicate details
- Interior detail such as hatch supporting arms and scissors periscope provided
- StuH.43/1 L/12 main gun w/slide-molded barrel
- Interlocking detail on fighting compartment realistically depicted
- Duct shutters reproduced w/photo-etched parts
- Engine hatches can be assembled open/closed
- Spare track on glacis plate and lower-hull frontal armor
- Horizontal plate on rear above exhaust
- One-piece return rollers are authentically made and convenient to assemble
- Road wheel hubs are separate pieces, allowing unparalleled crispness of details
- Dual road wheels are perfectly molded in one piece
- One-piece track link in DS

The Sd.Kfz.166 Sturmpanzer IV, equipped with a huge 15cm StuH 43 L/12 gun, was an impressive-looking vehicle used by German forces in WWII. Also known as Brummbär (German for “Grumbler”), it was an infantry support weapon based on the ubiquitous Panzer IV chassis. Production of the Brummbär began in April 1943, and it was designed specifically to lend direct-fire support during combat operations in urban areas. A total of 38 15cm rounds and associated propellant charges could be carried inside the vehicle. This distinctive vehicle was used at such famous battles as Kursk, Anzio, Normandy and the Warsaw Uprising. The Sturmpanzer IV weighed 28.2 tonnes, had 100mm-thick frontal armor, and was operated by a crew of five.

Dragon has already produced scintillating 1/35 scale models of the Brummbär, but now this vehicle has been miniaturized even further! The latest kit to flow from Dragon’s engineering workbench is a 1/72 scale version of this vehicle. It is a completely new tooling apart from the suspension, wheels and track links, which utilize accurate components from previous Panzer IV kits. Although it is smaller in scale, it retains a level of detail comparable to that found on the larger 1/35 scale vehicle. The engineers have made widespread use of slide molds in order to produce this level of detail – the fighting compartment, for example, is slide molded for easier assembly. Building upon the research invested and success gained from the 1/35 Brummbär, modelers will find this new kit a vital addition in any urban combat operation planned for their German forces.