DRA75050 - 1/6 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck w/.30 cal Machine Gun
DRA6800 - 1/35 Wittmann's Last Tiger
DRA6817 - 1/35 U.S. M7 Priest Early Production w/Magic Tracks
DRA6877 - 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.III (3.7cm) (T) Ausf.F "OPERATION SEELÖWE"
DRA6880 - 1/35 PLA "Gongchen" Tank (Captured Type 97 Chi-Ha w/"Shinhoto" New Turret - Smart Kit
DRA6918 - 1/35 Sd.Kfz.7 8(t) Halftrack + s.FH.18 Howitzer
DRA3621 - 1/35 M132 Armored Flamethrower (Smart Kit)
DRA6892 - 1/35 Sd.Kfz.166 Stu.Pz.IV 'BRUMMBÄR' MID-PRODUCTION (2 IN 1)
DRA7590 - 1/72 T-34/76 Mod. 1941
DRA7595 - 1/72 T-34/76 Mod. 1942
DRA7596 - 1/72 T-34/76 Mod. 1943
DRA7601 - 1/72 T-34/76 Mod. 1942 Cast Turret
DRR60399 - 1/72 Kingtiger Henschel Turret s.Pz.Abt.501 Western Front 1944
DRR60400 - 1/72 Kingtiger Henschel Turret s.H.Pz.Abt.509 Hungary 1945
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Dragon Models USA, Inc.
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Pomona, CA 91768

Call: (626) 968-0322
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Dragon Armor
This line features static pre-assembled, pre-painted models made of both diecast and plastic. Each item is fully detailed and historically accurate.
1/72 German Half Track Sd.kfz.251/7 w/2.8cm sPzB41 AT GUN
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ITEM NO: DRR 60296
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195602961
SCALE: 1:72
ANNOUNCED ON: 7/16/2007
ARRIVED ON: 9/13/2007
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Barcode: 0 89195 60296 1
Packaging: 24 Pieces per carton
Box Size: 6.1" x 3.1" x 2.8"


- Open window display packaging
- Highly popular and collectible item
- True to 1/72 scale
- Fully accurate mold
- Fully assembled
- Historically accurate markings and insignia
- Includes protective display case

Dragon Armor has released a number of Sd.Kfz. 251 halftrack variants in its 1/72 range. These have been popularly received by collectors, so Dragon has provided another interesting version to please fans of this attractive German armored vehicle. The Sd.Kfz. 251/7 was a vehicle used by combat engineers (also known as pioneers) and so carried bridging sections and engineering equipment such as explosives. The Ausf. D version was the final production version of the Sd.Kfz. 251 series with simplified construction. These elements combine in Dragon Armor’s Item No. 60296.
To make it even more unique, the vehicle also mounts an sPzB 41 antitank gun. This squeeze-bore weapon had a caliber of 2.8cm, with mass production beginning in 1941. It was employed on the Eastern Front since the commencement of Operation Barabarossa, and also saw action in North Africa and Western Europe. The addition of this weapon on the Sd.Kfz. 251 halftrack gave German pioneers a useful antitank capability. The actual model is delivered in a three-color camouflage scheme that has been beautifully rendered in fine stripes. All detail such as the 2.8cm sPzB 41 gun is delicately reproduced, and the open-topped vehicle is accurately manufactured. This halftrack is ready for action…and ready to join a model vehicle collection!