AMPAA032 - Allied Axis 32 - Sturmgeshutze in Finland and Diamond T Tank Transporter
AMPVHFW - Visual History - Northrop XB35 & YB-49 Flying Wings
AMPVHHM - Visual History - High Mobility, U.S. Army's Modern High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle, Part 1
AMPVHM42 - Visual History - M-42 Duster, U.S. Army's Modern Mobile Anti-Aircraft Platform
IBG35001 - 1/35 BMW R12 with Sidecar - Civilian Version ( 3 in 1)
IBG35002 - 1/35 BMW R12 with Sidecar - Military Version ( 2 in 1)
IBG35003 - 1/35 Einheits Diesel Pritschenwagen (Metal Cargo Body)
IBG35004 - 1/35 Einheits Diesel Kfz.61 Fernsprechbetriebskraftwagen (Heavy Telephone Exchange Van)
IBG35005 - 1/35 Einheits Diesel with 3.7 cm BREDA
IBG35006 - 1/35 Einheits with Bilstein Recovery Crane
IBG35007 - 1/35 Einheits Diesel with Small Field Kitchen Hf.14
IBG35008 - 1/35 German Small Field Kitchen Hf.14 ( Kleine Feldkuche 14)
IBG35009 - 1/35 BREDA 37/54 37mm Italian Anti-aircraft Gun
IBG35010 - 1/35 Bussing-NAG 500S
IBG35011 - 1/35 Bussing-NAG 500A
IBG35012 - 1/35 Bussing-NAG 4500S
IBG35013 - 1/35 Bussing-NAG 4500A
IBG35015 - 1/35 Bedford QLD General Service
IBG35016 - 1/35 Bedford QLT Troop Carrier
IBG35017 - 1/35 Bedford QLR Wireless
IBG35018 - 1/35 Bedford QLB Bofors Gun tractor
IBG35019 - 1/35 Otter Light Reconnaissance Car
IBG35020 - 1/35 Chevrolet C15TA
IBG35021 - 1/35 Marmon-Herrington Mk.I
IBG35022 - 1/35 Marmon-Herrington Mk.II ME Type Middle East
IBG35023 - 1/35 Marmon-Herrington Mk.II Mobile Field Force Type
IBG35024 - 1/35 Panzerspaehwagen Marmon-Herrington ( e )
IBG35025 - 1/35 Skoda 100mm vz 14/19 Howitzer
IBG35026 - 1/35 Skoda 100mm vz 14 Howitzer
IBG35027 - 1/35 10cm LeFH 14/19 (t)
IBG35028 - 1/35 Obice da 100/17 Mod. 16 (Italian version of Skoda 100mm Howitzer)
IBG72001 - 1/72 Bedford QLD 3 Ton 4x4 General Service
IBG72002 - 1/72 Bedford QLR 3 Ton 4x4 Wireless
IBG72003 - 1/72 Bedford QLT 4x4 Troop Carrier
IBG72004 - 1/72 Bedford QLB 4x4 Bofors Gun Tractor
IBG72005 - 1/72 Bedford QLR 3 Ton 4x4 Fire Tender
IBG72007 - 1/72 Polski Fiat 508/III "Lazik" Wersja Wczesna ("Lazik" early version)
IBG72008 - 1/72 Polski Fiat 508/III "Lazik" Wersja Pózna ("Lazik"Llate version)
IBG72009 - 1/72 Polski Fiat 508/III Furgon (Wagon)
IBG72010 - 1/72 Polski Fiat 508/III Ambulans (Ambulance)
IBG72012 - 1/72 Chevrolet C.15A No.13 Cab Watertank
IBG72013 - 1/72 Chevrolet C.15A No.13 Cab Personnel Lorry ( 2H1 Composite Wood & Steel Body) Australian Pattern Wireless / Signals
IBG72014 - 1/72 Chevrolet C.15A No.13 Cab General Service ( 2C1 All Steel Body)
IBG72015 - 1/72 Chevrolet C.15A No.13 Cab Australian Pattern Wireless / Signals
IBG72016 - 1/72 Chevrolet C.15A No.11 Cab Watertank
IBG72017 - 1/72 Chevrolet C.15A No.11 Cab Personnel Lorry ( 2H1 Composite Wood & Steel Body)
IBG72018 - 1/72 Chevrolet C.15A No.11 -Cab General Service ( 2C1 All Steel Body)
IBG72019 - 1/72 Diamond T-968 Cargo Truck
IBG72020 - 1/72 Diamond T-969 Wrecker
IBG72021 - 1/72 Diamond T-972 Dump Truck
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Dragon Models USA, Inc.
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City of Industry, CA 91745

Call: (626) 968-0322
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Dragon Wings
This series includes high quality diecast models of modern and historical aircraft. Each item is recreated with lifelike details and is true to scale. Titles include many of today’s most popular commercial airlines and both modern and historic military aircraft.
1/400 Delta II Rockets w/Launch Pads Set - Contains 3 Rockets (Space)
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ITEM NO: DRW 56394
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195563941
SCALE: 1:400
ANNOUNCED ON: 6/14/2013
ARRIVED ON: 8/14/2013
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Barcode: 0 89195 56394 1
Case pack: 12 Pieces per carton
Box Size: 7.9" x 9.4" x 2.4"

- 3 Delta II rockets in 1 box

- 1/400 true-to-scale precision model
- Displayable die-cast rocket with high collectable value
- Aesthethically pleasing color finish with delicate imprinted markings

The USA planned to phase out all expendable launch vehicles (ELV) after the Space Shuttle entered service. However, the Challenger accident of 1986 changed all that, and the Delta program was restarted. Termed Delta II, these rockets achieved their 75th consecutive successful launch on 18 September 2007. To date, they have made 151 launches since 1989, and the type is recognized as the most reliable system in service. Originally built by McDonnell Douglas, production for both US government and commercial entities is now the responsibility of United Launch Alliance (ULA). As an ELV, each rocket can only be launched once. A Delta II rocket consists of Stage I tanks, solid rocket boosters, interstage, Stage II tanks, optional Stage III rocket motor, and finally the payload fairing (nose cone).

Four further Delta II launches are scheduled, carrying SMAP and OCO 2 satellites in 2014, and JPSS-1 and ICESat-2 satellites in 2016. Beyond that, the future of the Delta II is uncertain. However, this space rocket has proven a hugely successful design and this 3-in-1 kit from Dragon offers a range of payloads. This versatility makes it even more desirable as part of a space model collection. For ultimate impact, the Delta II model can be displayed on a launch pad.