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Griffon Model
Full line of high quality photo etched parts from Griffon Model
1/35 WWII German Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther Ausf.G2 - Premium Edition for Dragon Kit # 6609
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SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 2/19/2015
ARRIVED ON: 4/22/2015
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1/35 WWII German Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther Ausf.G2 Premium Edition
[Commander Version Convertible / Late Type Rear Storage Bins / Final Type Side Armor Skirts Inside]

This 1/35 Full Detail-Upgraded Set includes
(1)Photo-etched Frets * 13
(2)Brass Preformed Storage Tube * 1
(3)Brass Pivots * 4
(4)Resin StAtD 1.8m Antenna Base * 1
(5)Metal Cable (Ø0.5mm) * 100mm
(6)Metal Cable (Ø1mm) * 500mm
(7)Auxiliary Material: Styrene Rod, Brass Wire
Suitable for Dragon 6609 Kit

Detail Summary
(1)Command Version Convertible
- Resin StAtD 1.8m Antenna Base + Photo-etched Sternantenne
(2)Reworked Front Mudguard
(3)Full Set of Late Type Side Skirts
(4)Headlamp Damaged Status (Optional)
(5)Reworked Guard for Driver’s Periscope
(6)Plug for Bow Machine Gun Mount
(7)True-to-Scale Thickness Crescent-Shaped Sight Sliding Cover
(8)Rich-Detailed Loader’s/Commander’s Hatch Interior
(9)Foliage Camouflage Attachment Holders Added
(10)Brass Preformed Storage Tube Included
(11)Reworked Spare Track Hanger Brackets
(12)Full Set of Wire Mesh for Cooling Fans & Air Intakes
(13)Reworked Cover System for Left-side Raised Ventilator
(14)Reworked Shutters for Right-side Air Intake Grilles
(15)Full Set of Detailed Clamps/Mounting Brackets for On-Vehicle-Tools
(Optional Empty Status of Clamps/Mounting Brackets)
(16)Reworked Rear Storage Bins Included
(17)Late Type Rear Storage Bins Included (Optional)
(18)2 Types of Arrangement of Exhaust Pipes Selectable
- MIAG & MBA Produced Vehicle Configuration
- MNH Produced Vehicle Configuration
(19)Metal Tow Cable (Ø1mm) * 220mm * 2
(20)Metal Track Changing Cable (Ø0.5mm) * 100mm * 1
(21)Battle Field Modification of External Tools Arrangement (Optional)