DRA3609 - 1/35 IDF 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck w/MG34 Machine Guns
DRA6905 - 1/35 StuG.III Ausf.D w/Tropical Air Filter (Smart Kit)
DRA6912 - 1/35 German Railway Gondola Typ Ommr w/2cm Flakvierling 38
DRA7567 - 1/72 M4A3(76) W VVSS Sherman
DRR60695 - 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1 "GD" Division, Eastern Front 1942
CHC9157 - 1/35 German Super-Heavy Self-Propelled Mortar 60cm Mörser "Karl" Gerät 040 with Gun Crew
DRA5569 - 1/48 Fw190A5/U-14
DRA6853 - 1/35 Pz.Bef.Wg.III Ausf.K (Smart Kit)
DRA6916 - 1/35 IJN Type 2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious Tank w/Floating Pontoon (Early Production)
DRA7565 - 1/72 BT-42
DRA7577 - 1/72 Sd.Kfz.231 schwerer Panzerspahwagen
DRR60696 - 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1 LAH Division, Germany 1942
DRA3583 - 1/35 M727 MiM-23 Tracked Guided Missile Carrier
DRA6900 - 1/35 Kingtiger Late Production w/New Pattern Track s.Pz.Abt.506 Ardennes 1944
DRA6904 - 1/35 15cm s.IG.33 auf Fahrgestell Pz.Kpfw.III (Sf)
DRA75050 - 1/6 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck w/.30 cal Machine Gun
DRA3580 - 1/35 MIM-23 HAWK M192 Anti-aircraft Missile Launcher
DRA7560 - 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1(F)
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Pomona, CA 91768

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Griffon Model
Full line of high quality photo etched parts from Griffon Model
1/35 WWII German Sd.Kfz.7/1 2cm Flak-Vierling38 auf Selbstfahrlafette
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SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 10/14/2009
ARRIVED ON: 11/17/2009
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Includes Engine Hood Side Panels & 2cm Magazine Box for Dragon kit # 6525

This 1/35 full detail set includes:
(1) Photoetched Frets x 10
(2) Film for Dashboard x 1
(3) Decal for Dashboard x 1
(4) Thread 500mm
(5) Auxiliary Material: ABS Rod, Brass Wire
Suit for Dragon 6525 Kit

Detail Summary:
(1) Krauss-Maffei & Borgward Name Plate
(2) Radiator’s Double Side Mesh
(3) Add Rich Details on the Engine Including Wiring
(4) Heat Guard Plate of Exhaust Manifold
(5) Reworked Perforated Support Brackets on the Engine Bay Firewall
(6) Fabric Web Padding on the Rear Side Edge of Radiator Housing
(7) Hooks with Spring to Lock the Top Cover of Engine Bay
(8) Engine Compartment Side Panels w/Cooling Slots
(9) Detailed Rifles Rack
(10) Underside Support Brackets of the Front Wheel Mudguards
(11) Treadplate for Side Steps
(12) Detailed Instrument Panel w/Decal+Film
(13) Reworked Windscreen
(14) Tools Brackets & Rear Folding Steps of Folding Side/Rear Platforms
(15) Reworked Folding Support Arms of Folding Gun Crew Bench Seat
(16) Detailed Winch w/Winch Cable
(17) Optional Rear Mudguard
(18) Rich-Detailed 2cm Flak-Vierling38
- Optional Early-Type Instrument Panel
- Detailed Linealvisier 21 Gun Sight
- Optional Round Plates w/Raised Rib on Front Spent Shell Collector
- Detailed Ready Ammo Magazines Racks
- Detailed Magazine Receiver Bracket
- Detailed Gunner’s Firing Foot Pedals
- Detailed Gunner’s Seat Support Arm
- Detailed Elevation Angle Scale
(20) 4 Early Type Magazine + 1 Magazine Box