DRA6818 - 1/35 StuG.III Ausf.E (Neo Smart Kit)
DRA6927 - 1/35 StuG.III Ausf.G Early Production, Kursk 1943 (Neo Smart Kit)
DRA6950 - 1/35 Tiger I Early Production Battle of Kharkov
DRR63001 - 1/72 PLA ZBL-09 IFV (Digital Camouflage)
DRR63005 - 1/72 US M1134 STRYKER ATGM
DRA6951 - 1/35 Bergepanzerwagen IV / Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. H Mid Production (2 in 1)
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Griffon Model
Full line of high quality photo etched parts from Griffon Model
1/35 WWII American Multiple .50 Caliber Machine Gun Mount M45/ M45C/M45D Vehicle/Trailer Mount for Dragon Kit
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SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 10/14/2010
ARRIVED ON: 11/10/2010
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Optional Standard/late Type Power-Charge & Exhaust Pipe

This 1/35 Universal Accessory set includes
- Photoetched Frets x 2
- Auxiliary Material: ABS Rod, Brass Wire
- Suitable for Dragon Kits

Detail Summary
- Multiple .50 Caliber Machine Gun Mount M45 and Its Variants Installed Upon the Following Vehicle/Trailer:
1. M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage: M45/M45D in WWII, M45F in Korean War
2. M16B Multiple Gun Motor Carriage: M45 in WWII
3. M16A1 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage: M45F in Korean War
4. M17 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage: M45/M45D in WWII
5. M51 Quad Gun Trailer: M45C in WWII
6. M55 Quad Gun Trailer: M45C in WWII, Korean War & Vietnam War
7.M35 Series 6×6 2.5ton “Gun Trucks”: M45C in Vietnam War

This Set Provides the Update Option for DRAGON Released and Upcoming Kits
Includes the Multiple .50 Caliber Machine Gun Mount M45 and Its Variants Below
A. Full Update for M45 / M45C / M45D
B. Most Update for M45F (“Bat Wings” Folding Side Armor Not Included)

Details Below:
(1) True-to-Scale Thickness Hinged Armor Doors
(2) Detailed reworked Hinged Armor Door’s Holder
(3) True-to-Scale Thickness Support for Sight Brace
(4) Detailed Ammo Chest Support Bracket for Each Gun Mounting Post
(5) Add Rich Details on the Trunnion Assemblies
(6) Battery Hydrometer Box
(7) Detailed Support Brackets for Storage Batteries
(8) Optional Standard / Late Type Power-Charge & Exhaust Pipe
(9) Power-Charge Starter Rope & Handle
(10) Optional Detailed Cannoneer Platform
(11) Detailed Chest Slides for Spare 200 Rounds Cal..50 Ammo Chest M2