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1/35 WWII German Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Middle Production (Royal Edition) Super Bonus Pack for Dragon Kit # 6556
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SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 3/20/2012
ARRIVED ON: 4/18/2012
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Super bonus set with 7.5cm Kw.K 40 L/48 Metal Barrel w/Middle Type Muzzle Brake for Dragon kit # 6556

This 1/35 extra full detail jumbo package includes
(1)Photo-etched Frets x 13
(2)Brass Part for Kw.K 40 Middle Type Muzzle Brake x 4
(3)Rifled Aluminum Kw.K 40 Barrel x 1
(4)Brass Preformed Vertical Exhaust Pipe x 2
(5)Resin Exhaust Pipe Base x 2
(6)Preformed Spring x 7
(7)Brass Hollow Pipe x 4
(8)Auxiliary Material: ABS Rod, Brass Wire
Suit for Dragon Smart Kit Series (Include 6556 Kit)

Detail Summary
(1)Kw.K 40 L/48 Metal Barrel w/Middle Type Muzzle Brake
(2)Full Set of Late Type Turret Side Armor Skirts with Bottom Wire Mesh Panels
(3)Full Set of Mounting Brackets for Hull Side Armor Skirts
(4)2 Types of Forward-Most Hull Side Armor Skirts
(5)Full Set of Track Fenders
(6)Reworked AA Machine Gun Mount with Optional Ammo Bag Lid
(7)Reworked Hull Bow Plate Spare Track Links Mounts with Track Links Lock
(8)Headlamp Damaged Status(Optional)
(9)Full Interior&Exterior Detail of Driver&Radio Operator Hatch
(10)Mounting Brackets for Wooden Jack Block(Preformed Spring for Fasten Chain Include)
(11)Bracket for Spare Antenna(With Optional Empty Status Bracket)
(12)Full Set of Detailed Clamps/Mounting Brackets for On-Vehicle-Tools
(Optional Empty Status of Clamps/Mountingt Brackets)
(13)Brass Hollow Pipe for Barrel Cleaning Rod
(14)Reworked Spare Road Wheels Storage Tray
(15)Reworked Early/Late Type Notek Multifunction Rear Convoy Light
-Detailed Supporting Brackets
-Optional Panel for Early Type Notek Multifunction Convoy Light
(16)Reworked Mounting Hooks for Spare Track Links on the Hull Rear Plate
(17)Reworked Tow Cable Hooks on the Hull Rear Plate
(18)Full Interior&Exterior Detail of Turret Side Door Hatches
(19)Reworked Hatch Lift Hooks for Turret Side Doors
(20)Full Interior Detail of Turret Commander’s Copula Hatch
(21)Reworked Splash Guard on the Roof of Turret Commander’s Copula
(22)Reworked Rain Shield for Turret Side Doors
(23)Reworked Mounting Brackets/Top Covers/Lift Hooks/Clasps with Padlock for Turret Real Storage Bin
(24)Preformed Springs(For Folding Front/Rear End of Track Fenders)
(25)Reworked Standard/Non-Standard Type Spare Track Links Mounts
(26)Brass Preformed Early Version Vertical Exhaust Pipes With Resin Base