DRA11024 - 1/400 International Space Station (Phase 2007)
DRA5566 - 1/48 Bf110E Nachtjager
DRA6941 - 1/35 Panther Ausf.G Late Production (Steel Wheel) mit Pantherturm
DRA7279 - 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H Mid Production
DRA7546 - 1/72 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther A (2 in 1)
DRA7581 - 1/72 Sd.Kfz.232 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen (Fu)
DRA6077 - 1/35 Fallschirmjagers w/Donkeys
DRR63005 - 1/72 US M1134 STRYKER ATGM
DRA6818 - 1/35 StuG.III Ausf.E (Neo Smart Kit)
DRA6927 - 1/35 StuG.III Ausf.G Early Production, Kursk 1943 (Neo Smart Kit)
DRA6950 - 1/35 Tiger I Early Production Battle of Kharkov
DRR63001 - 1/72 PLA ZBL-09 IFV (Digital Camouflage)
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Griffon Model
Full line of high quality photo etched parts from Griffon Model
1/35 WWII German 2cm Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind" with/without Zimmerit Coating, Photo-etched Super Bonus Upgrade Set for Dragon kit 6342 and 6565
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SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 10/3/2014
ARRIVED ON: 10/27/2014
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1/35 WWII German 2cm Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind" with/without Zimmerit Coating (Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G Chassis Based Vehicle) Royal Edition
[4×2cm Flak38 Metal Barrel w/Textured Barrel Changing Hand Grips Inside]

This 1/35 Basic Detail-Upgraded Set includes
(1)Photo-etched Frets * 16
(2)Brass 2cm Flak38 Flash Suppressors * 4
(3)Aluminum 2cm Flak38 Barrel w/Textured Barrel Changing Hand Grips * 4
(4)Resin Late Type Switchbox / Sight Bracket * 1
(5)Preformed Springs * 6
(6)Brass Hollow Pipe * 1
(7)Metal Cable (Ø0.5mm) * 400mm
(8)Auxiliary Material: ABS Rod, Brass Wire
Suitable for Dragon 6565 / 6342 Kits

Detail Summary
Chassis Section (Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G Based Vehicle with/without Zimmerit Coating)
(1)Full Set of Reworked Track Fenders (Could be Assembled with Original Zimmerit Coated Plastic Front & Rear End)
- Both Sides Detailed Folding Front/Rear Mud Flaps with Preformed Springs
- Realistic Supporting Frame Layout Like Real Vehicle
- Both Sides Detailed Anti-Skid Plates
- Flaps for Hull Side Engine Cooling Air Vents Included
(2)Reworked Early / Late Type Spare Track Links Mounts with Track Links Lock on the Hull Bow Plate
(3)Reworked Mounting Brackets for Spare Track Links on the Hull Front Glacis Plate
(4)Headlamp Damaged Status(Optional)
(5)Full Interior & Exterior Detail of Driver & Radio Operator Hatch
(6)Reworked Mounting Brackets for Wooden Jack Block
(7)Reworked Spare Road Wheels Storage Tray
(8)Reworked Starboard Clamps for Spare Track Links (Optional Empty Clamps)
(9)Full Set of Detailed Clamps/Mounting Brackets for On-Vehicle-Tools
(Optional Empty Status of Clamps/Mounting Brackets)
(10)Added Covers to the Key Holes on the Engine Deck
(11)Reworked Early/Late Type Notek Multifunction Rear Convoy Light
-Detailed Supporting Brackets
-Optional Panel for Early Type Notek Multifunction Convoy Light
(12)Reworked Tow Cable Hooks on the Hull Rear Plate
(13)Metal Tow Cables (Ø0.5mm) * 150mm * 2
(14)Detailed Engine Bay Air Inlet / Outlet Grille Interior
(15)Some “Wirbelwind” Featured Additional Horizontal Bars in Engine Bay Air Inlet / Outlet
(16)Reworked Portside Supporting Brackets for Spare Barrel Boxes
(17)Reworked Starboard Supporting Brackets for Spare Barrel Boxes / Spare Antenna
Turret-Mount 2cm Flakvierling38&Turret Section
(1)4* 2cm Metal Barrel w/Textured Barrel Changing Hand Grips
(2)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Left & Right Gun Mantle
(3)Add Rich Details on the Schwebekreisvisier 38 Gun Sight
(4)Resin Late Type Switchbox (De-Functional)/ Sight Bracket for “Wirbelwind” Turret-Mount 2cm Flakvierling38
(5)2 Types of Sight System Selectable
- Schwebekreisivisier38 Sight with Resin Late Type Switchbox (De-Functional)/ Sight Bracket
- Schwebekreisivisier38 Sight with Early Type Switchbox (De-Functional)/ Sight Bracket (Plastic Parts in Kit)
(6)Round Plates w/Raised Rib on Front Spent Shell Collector
(7)Detailed Ready Ammo Magazines Racks
(8)Detailed Ammo Magazine Receiver Bracket
(9)Dust Covers for Ammo Magazine Receiver (Optional)
(10)Detailed Gunner’s Firing Foot Pedals
(11)Detailed Gunner’s Seat Support Arm
(12)Detailed Cable Drum Bracket
(13)Detailed Elevation Angle Scale
(14)Detailed Pulley Trigger Mechanism
(15)Loader’s Footrest (Optional)
(16)2 Types of Detailed Turret-Mount Ready Ammo Magazines Racks
(17)Turret Foliage Camouflage Attachment Holders
(18)Late Type 2cm Round Magazine * 4
(19)2cm Round Magazine Container * 1